Architect Series

Since the 1970's, Bill Sheppard has designed and built some of Alabama's most beautiful homes. Now he concentrates his passion for design and nostalgia with his vintage airstream conversions. 


Transparency and reliability are key

  1. Contact us with your inquiry
  2. Our lead architect will get back to you via email to set up a call time to discuss basic design, budget and time specifics
  3. A non-refundable deposit is made via and confidentiality aggreement signed to initiate your first blueprints *deposit is applied to the final cost of your conversion
  4. Blueprints will be presented via Facetime, Email or in person
  5. Once the project's design and timeline is agreed upon a *75% deposit is required to begin production
  6. Updates with images and details will be sent periodically to the client to ensure production is on time and as requested
  7. Airstream may be picked up by the client or delivered to destination and installed for an added fee in addition to the remaining 25% balance *please note that additional costs may apply if the design is altered during the process of building
  8. Maintenance and additional services provided by Architect Series are provided on a case by case basis and are charged a la carte